'Rod coaches to exacting standards and provides plenty of tips and guidance for improving your technique. It is quite common for Rod to watch a group for a few lengths and provide different pieces of individual feedback to each of the 5 or 6 swimmers. His wide experience and enthusiasm for swimming shows through all the time. He regards his own swimming as ever-evolving, with perfectly resilient technique a journey rather than necessarily an attainable goal, and it's a pleasure to be coached by someone who has so much to share. Rod's groups are great fun too!' - James Garrett - Triathlete 

'I always thought I was quite a good swimmer - until I started coaching sessions with Rod. Seems I didn't know how just how much I didn't know. Rod is a great teacher - super-enthusiastic, hugely experienced and endlessly patient. His passion for swimming is infectious. He is as encouraging and attentive to swimmers such as me (let's say the "less talented") as he is to the really good athletes in the group.  I'm addicted to his lessons, which are also great fun, and, while I'm never going to be the best, I now know I really am quite a good swimmer - all thanks to him.' - Kate Parkin - Swimmer

 “ Rod’s enthusiasm for swimming has seen me change from an average, wimpy lane swimmer, to someone addicted to sea swimming (well, only in the warmer months). His endless patience and good humour make coaching sessions thoroughly enjoyable, developing my confidence and competence.”  - Kay Stephan - Swimmer

"In the course of only a few sessions, Rod has sorted out 10 years of
poor swimming technique. his enthusiasm and encouragement have pushed
me forward, and I now regularly swim in the sea, and am planning many
years of wild swimming!! thank you Rod!!" - Bryan Lynch - Swimmer

'Rod has been teaching, coaching me swimming for the last 2 years. His passion & enthusiasm for swimming is obvious at every session. My swimming has improved enormously & continues to since I started with Rod. Rod communicates in a straightforward way but is patient & the sessions are always fun.
I love open water swimming & Rod has given me the confidence to realize I have a new playground at the bottom of the road. I would happily recommend Rod as a coach.' -  Jon Wright - Swimmer

"Before I started the course with Rod I swam front crawl in my own (turns out, pretty awful) way.  From the minute I got in the water it was quite apparent I was going to be learning all over again.  Rod is so passionate about swimming it cannot help but rub off and the way he coaches means that even though your body and mind may take a good while to drop all its old bad habits, the stroke and style of swimming you gain is well worth the hard work.  His instruction is thought provoking and honest.  He uses drills, that he explains very clearly, as well as building in stamina and the psychological strength to keep going.  He also films you in the water which is incredibly informative. Going in the sea was very daunting at first but remains the goal throughout all of the pool work so that it feels an enormous achievement when you are able to stay in the water and keep going.  I have tried quite a few activities and classes and this is the only activity that has hooked me and kept me going and that is thanks to Rod's coaching. I would advocate having lessons from Rod to any level of swimmer as he will definitely have something useful and instructive to suggest that will improve your stroke." - Helen Cattell - Swimmer 

 "I have been fortunate enough to be coached
by Rod for 8 months. When I met Rod I could just about manage 20
lengths of my local pool, Rod has systematically dismantled my stroke
and rebuilt it piece by piece to be efficient and effective for
distance and speed. Rod has now designed a program that will hopefully
get me through an Iron Man distance (3.8k) swim in open water using a
combination of speed sessions and training equipment. As a coach Rod is
motivational and inspiring, I know his coaching sessions will work me
hard and with each session my confidence and hopefully ability grows."- Dan McCarthy - Swimmer

 I'd wholeheartedly recommend Rod as a trainer. He conveys his technical knowledge of swimming effortlessly, with patience and unfailing good humour. I always came out of the pool feeling encouraged, motivated and happy after his training sessions. And knackered  - he works you hard! - Nic Oestreicher - Swimmer