Q; I am a beginner, can you teach me from the start?
A; Yes! Learning the correct technique on a swim bench before we enter the water may seem unconventional but has proved very effective with all our swimmers 

Q; The Vasa equipment looks scary! I just want to enjoy open water swimming. Is your coaching for me?
A; Yep! Think of the swim bench as a coaching tool. You do not have to commit to lots of high-effort training

Q; Will I damage my shoulders?
A; Not if you use the Vasa correctly. It's exactly the same approach as swimming in the wet stuff! Years ago, shoulder injuries were almost regarded as 'par for the course'. Now we know better and train with long-term injury free swimming in mind

Q; Do you sell Vasa equipment? 
A; No, but I can refer you to Vasa directly. I have become a bit of an ambassador for them as I believe in their products and philosophy

Q; You can't rotate on the swimbench. Is this a problem?
A; No, it's not meant for that. You will use the same muscle groups and that translates into rotation (body roll) in the water

Q; How do I train the recovery phase on the swim bench?
A; Don't bother! Just bring the arm to the front while leading with the elbow. We can look at the recovery in the water 

Q; Will a Vasa Erg replace my pool sessions?
A; No, it will supplement your in-water training. Many time-crunched athletes use their Ergometers when they can't get enough pool time. Many swimmers regard their Ergs as 'secret weapons'!

Q; It feels harder to train on the Erg than in the water. Why is this?
A; There is no buoyancy to aid body position. The fan resistance is also greater than in water. The power meter is calibrated correctly - there is no leg kick or push from the wall on the Erg. If you are able to combine your pool and Vasa training in the same session as Swimmergy does, you will feel the benefits of this specific training immediately