One to One Stroke Clinics UK

A one to one stroke clinic includes HD video recording, above and underwater and detailed analysis in real time ( we can also run this session as a one to two )

Attending one of these clinics is guaranteed to make a significant improvement in your swimming.

The clinics are highly interactive, allowing the participant to question and find the answers to those knotty problems, misconceptions and differing bits of advice that you may have encountered.

Each clinic runs for 1hr 30 minutes in the pool and on land with video feedback and costs £80.00

The Clinic includes;

  • HD Video recording above and underwater
  • Extensive real time video analysis with screen annotations 
  • Comparisons of the world's top swimmer's strokes
  • Effective stroke corrections
  • Drills using bone-conducting headsets - we can talk to you all the way through your session!
  • Ramp test to find your Critical Swim Speed
  • Open water adaptations

The structure is as follows;

  • Initial HD video recording
  • Poolside based video feedback 
  • Pool session implementing corrections and drills 

You will receive a detailed video analysis Mp4 with a personal audio commentary and on screen annotations with our recommendations for stroke corrections and drills

Please see below for availability of bookings and course venues. Be aware that the clinics are extremely popular and fill up very quickly. Please email for available dates

You won't believe the quality of our 4k hd cameras! The footage is stunning and it is possible to see every detail .. no hiding place here and that's a good thing!